Menorca Airport Flights to and from Spain

Palma Mallorca Flights To PMI  |  Flights From PMI
194 weekly flights
Barcelona Flights To BCN  |  Flights From BCN
130 weekly flights
Madrid Flights To MAD  |  Flights From MAD
34 weekly flights
Manises Flights To VLC  |  Flights From VLC
26 weekly flights
Bilbao Flights To BIO  |  Flights From BIO
16 weekly flights
Ibiza Flights To IBZ  |  Flights From IBZ
7 weekly flights
Sevilla Flights To SVQ  |  Flights From SVQ
6 weekly flights
Santiago De Compostela Flights To SCQ  |  Flights From SCQ
4 weekly flights
Alicante Flights To ALC  |  Flights From ALC
2 weekly flights
Gran Canaria Flights To LPA  |  Flights From LPA
2 weekly flights
Santander Flights To SDR  |  Flights From SDR
2 weekly flights
Vitoria Flights To VIT  |  Flights From VIT
2 weekly flights

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Useful Information about Menorca Airport

Menorca Airport Maintains Strong Passenger Numbers Despite a 1% Slight Dip in Q4 2023

Menorca Airport Sees Modest Decline of 1.21% in Q4 2023 Passenger Traffic Compared to Q4 2022 But Remains Above Pre-Pandemic Levels. Overall, the airport shows impressive resilience and ongoing recovery from the pandemic's impact.

Menorca Airport Lifts Off: December Sees 11% Increase in Passenger Traffic

Menorca Airport has seen a steady increase in passenger numbers since December 2019, demonstrating its role as a major travel hub.

Menorca Airport Soars with 17% Passenger Increase in September 2023

Menorca Airport witnessed an impressive 17.08% increase in passenger numbers, totaling 576,620 passengers, compared to September 2019, when it had recorded 492,504 passengers...

Menorca Airport Passenger Traffic Continues to Grow - Up 2% in Q3 2023

Menorca Airport Passenger Volume Climbs Steadily at 2.40% in Q3 2023, Surpassing Pandemic Levels