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There are several bus lines operating from Menorca Airport, connecting the airport with Mahon, the capital, and the resorts on the island. The bus lines linking Menorca Airport and Mahon run approximately every 30 minutes and a ticket costs around €1.50 for a single journey.

There are also buses connecting the capital with the rest of the island and visitors wishing to avoid the €50.00 cost of a taxi fare to other parts of the island, for example to Ciutadella, should consider travelling by Menorca Airport buses into the city center, from where Transportes Menorca, the official bus network operator on the island, runs regular hourly services to Ciutadella and resorts along that stretch of coast.

The west coast line is operated by Torres Alles Autocares and goes around the developments at Cala'n Blanes, Cala'n Forcat and Los Defines. In the south the same operator offers bus routes to the resorts of Cala Blanca and Cala'n Bosch.

Buses from Menorca Airport are cheap, fast and reliable, offering a cost effective alternative to taxis and hired cars. Since most visitors come to the island for a relaxed holiday by the beach and stay in a resort, buses offer a welcome break with routine, as they can take visitors to other parts of the island on "the spur of the moment" rather than having to pre-book a hire car or a taxi in advance and sticking to one's sightseeing plans.

Menorca offers many tourist attractions, some man-made, others generously provided by nature. Mahon harbour is a tourist attraction in its own right and is in fact the second deepest natural harbour in the world. It stretches for an astonishing 5 km along Menorca's coastline, is 1 km wide and 15 to 30 meters deep. Mahon is practically cut in half by the harbour, with the commercial operations being on one side of the city and the historic, bustling old city being on the other side of the harbour, happily situated along its southern shores. Although there are municipal buses going through the city center, it is best to explore the harbour on foot.

There are wonderful cafes, shady courtyards where one can sit and rest under a tree, and bars for having a refreshing drink and snack at mid-day. The architecture of the old part of the city reflects partly its role during former British occupation, but there are also many historic gems from various other centuries to admire, the oldest being the ruins of the Arch de San Roque, a walled fortification that once encircled the entire city. The Town Hall, a typically Menorcan style building, originally erected in 1631 and later remodeled in the 18th century, still has the original town clock that was presented by Richard Kane, the English Governor of the island at that time.

Another favourite with visitors to Mahon is the lovely Church of Santa Maria, dating back to 1287 and later rebuilt in 1748 and again in 1772. Its church organ has no fewer than four keyboards and sports some 3,000 pipes, making the church not just a must-see, but also a must-hear on Menorca's tourist trail.

Throughout the year there are all sorts of fiestas being held on Menorca and before planning the return journey to Menorca Airport to catch the departure flight home, visitors should check that their journey doesn't fall into one of those fiesta times, since traffic can grind to a halt on the island.

Since one doesn't have to pre-book a bus, one can be flexible and board much earlier Menorca Airport buses from Mahon or other parts of the island, so as to avoid the traffic congestion caused by fiestas.

The most important of these festivals takes place in the early autumn. From 6th to 9th September every year the Fiestas de Gracia are celebrated, taking over the entire city with various processions, ceremonies and festivities. There is also a Jazz festival being held during the summer months, when the city park becomes home to some fine music and hundreds of aficionados enjoying music, fun and refreshing drinks under the Mediterranean skies.

For more information about buses from Menorca Airport, please visit the official airport site at www.aena-aeropuertos.es