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Menorca International Airport Transfers

By Bus

There are several local bus lines that run shuttle services between Mahon and the airport. Time tables change with the seasons, so it is best to check at the official website for travelling times (, tel +34 902 075 066). There is a central bus station in Mahon, from where buses and coaches run to the airport and other parts of the island, where the resorts are located.

The journey takes only 10 to 15 minutes and the buses run approximately every 30 minutes.

By Taxi

The taxi rank is just in front of the terminal building and can be hailed from various points in the city center in Mahon, too. For longer journeys it is advisable to book ahead (Ciuttadella +34 971 382 896 or from Mahon +34 971 367 111) and discuss the fee in advance. A typical journey between Mahon and the airport costs around €3.20 during week days and the hours of 6am to 9pm, while in the evenings, at weekends and during public holidays the taxi journey will be charged at €1.18 per kilometer traveled. A typical fare for four passengers travelling by taxi from Ciutadella is around €50.00.

The 4.5 km journey only takes 10 minutes and passengers will be dropped off outside the departure area. Official airport taxis are either eggshell white or white in colour and carry a green TAXI sign on their roof.

By Car

Getting to Menorca Airport by car is easy, since the ME-1 is the main road that runs like a major artery through the island.

From Mahon motorists should take the ME-12 and then take the ME-14 in the direction of the airport, which is sign-posted. From Ciutadella visitors should opt for the ME-1, at the exit take the ME-14 and then follow sign-posting to Menorca Airport.

Amenities at the Airport

There is an airport information desk on the first floor of the terminal building, which can be contacted by telephoning +34 913 211 000. The regional government also has a tourist information stand on the ground floor in the arrivals hall, which can be contacted by ringing +34 971 157 115.

Passengers with problems over lost or damaged luggage should contact the Lost Luggage desk in the terminal building.

Before boarding the flight, passengers with a valid boarding pass can enjoy duty free shopping. Throughout the departure area, passengers will find information leaflets on what is allowed to take on a flight, both from a duty free point of view and from a security point of view. It is important to know what is allowed to travel in hand luggage and what must be stored in the suitcase, which will be placed in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Liquids in particular are very restricted and passengers about to embark a plane should familiarise themselves with the regulations to avoid having their possessions taken and destroyed for security reasons.

The terminal building offers several restaurants and eateries, cafes and snack bars as well as plenty of shopping facilities to while away the time prior to the flight. As many of the airlines operating from Menorca Airport are budget airlines, passengers should remember the weight restrictions that apply to the luggage allowance – excess baggage has to be paid for, so last minute shopping trips at the airport need to be undertaken with that in mind!